AFAD Automated Flaggers Placement

AFAD Automated Flaggers Placement

Where should I place my AFAD?

The ideal location for the AFAD / Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac is on the road shoulder, but if the shoulder isn’t available, the AFAD can be positioned in the travel lane as long as there is enough sight distance. It’s also important to ensure that the gate arm does not extend into the adjacent lane.

Operational Considerations for AFADs

There are two approaches for utilizing AFADs / Flagger-Macs in a work zone. The first approach employs an AFAD at each end of the work zone, while another approach uses an AFAD at one end and a flagger at the opposite end. In both methods, it’s typical to have two separate flaggers overseeing the operation. Nonetheless, it’s also possible for a single flagger to remotely control two flagging stations, granted they have an unobstructed view of each station and of oncoming traffic from both directions.

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