AFADs (Automated Flagger Assistance Devices)

AFADs (Automated Flagger Assistance Devices)

Ver-Mac AFADs (Automated Flagger Assistance Devices) replace manual flaggers with automated systems, remotely controlled to keep workers off the roadway. This results in increased safety by eliminating the need for human flaggers in work zones. Reduce the risk of potential injuries while still optimizing traffic flow and minimizing delays for drivers. Also known as Automatic Flaggers, Auto Flaggers, Flagger-Mac, and Flagger-Mac Lite.

These are different than the Ver-Mac Portable Traffic Signals (Traffic Lights) also available through 310-SIGN | Hi Signs.

AFADs are also known as:


Automated Flagger Machine

Automated Flagger System

Robotic Flagger

Robotic Flagging Device

Remote Flagging Device


Mechanical Flagger

Remote Traffic Control Device

Robotic Traffic Control System

Automated Traffic Control Device

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