Speed Radar Signs

Speed Radar Signs, also known as driver feedback signs, are traffic calming devices designed to slow speeders down by alerting them of their speed. They are being used across the country, and around the world, because they are effective at slowing speeding drivers down. Available models include TC-400, TC-600 Full-Matrix & TC-1000.

  • Portable Radar Speed Sign TC-400

    also Available To Rent

    The TC-400 is a battery powered portable system that allows a single radar speed sign to be used in multiple locations, making it a valuable investment for any community, police department, school, or business.

    Download TC-400 Spec Sheet

  • Radar Speed Sign – TC-600 Full Matrix

    The TC-600 radar speed sign is available in solar powered and AC powered models. It is easily readable up to 600 feet away and is ideal for 15-75 Km/h (10-45 mph) speed limit roads.

    • 2 digits, 13″ high super bright amber LEDs (life up to 100,000 hours)
    • Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions for maximum visibility
    • Provides directed viewing of display to oncoming traffic

    Download TC-600 Spec Sheet

  • Radarsign Cloud™ Web Based Radar Sign Access

    Manage your Devices and Data Intelligently & Efficiently with Radarsign Cloud™

    Radarsign Cloud™ is a secure, web-based, cloud management system providing centralized management of your network of devices and traffic data from any internet connected device…anywhere, anytime.

    Download Radarsign Cloud™ Spec Sheet

  • Mobile Patrol Stand

    also Available To Rent

    A radar speed sign mounted on a Mobile Patrol Stand is ideal for locations where traffic calming is needed on a temporary or rotating basis. Optional Speed Limit Sign (fixed or interchangeable).

    Download Spec Sheet

  • Radar on the GO Trailer Hitch

    The Radar-on-the Go Trailer Hitch bracket allows you to quickly deploy the TC400 RadarSign onto any Pickup truck hitch receiver. Now in mere minutes you can deploy a RadarSign onto road work projects to keep your workers safe. It has a bottom angle hinge to allow easy access to the truck box when needing to open the tail gate. The sign can be quickly mounted and un-mounted form the hitch bracket for taking off the track after the days work Also included in the frame is a hitch plug for providing power to the sign batteries. This innovative brackets makes the TC 400 the perfect choice for municipalities and road construction companies interested in worker safety.

  • GoBracket Mounting Set

    The universal design of the stainless steel GoBracket allows the TC-400 to be strapped, banded, pipe clamped, or bolted to almost any size or style of pole. The GoBracket allows a single person to easily mount the TC-400 radar speed sign in about a minute.

  • TC-400 Spare Battery (12V Ni-MH)

    Extra 12V Ni-MH Battery Pack for TC-400 Portable Speed Radar Sign

    Rechargeable Battery Pack for Radarsign’s Class 2 Battery Charger (standard 110 wall plug)
    *Spare Battery Pack does not come with Battery Charger Plug-in, Sold Separately*

  • Radarsign Android App

    Communicating with your radar speed sign is now easier than ever using an Android smartphone or tablet with the Radarsign Android App.

  • STREETSMART Data Collection Software

    StreetSmart speed analysis software allows you to format and display the traffic and speed data gathered from our radar speed signs to report, organize and analyze speed and traffic statistics

  • Silent Advisor Radar Speed Trailer

    also Available To Rent

    Silent Advisor Radar Speed Trailer is a radar speed detection sign available in two sizes for use on highways or on residential streets. These portable changeable radar speed detectors are designed to slow traffic for safety in neighborhoods, in work zones, road construction and other venues.