Automated Flaggers AFADs

Automated Flaggers (AFADs)

Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs) Flagger-Mac and Flagger-Mac Lite are remotely operated temporary traffic control equipment with high visibility signage/flags, signal heads, and automated flags. These devices are intended to direct and control traffic using only one person, removing flagging personnel from the roadway.

  • AFAD – Automatic Flagger Assistance Device – Flagger Mac

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    The Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac is a trailer-mounted gate device designed for flagging operations.

    • Robust wireless remote – Operate 1 or 2 units up to 800 feet away
    • V-touch controller – Intuitive interface instantly provides real-time information
    • ITE lamps – Meets MUTCD standards and provides superior performance, reliability, and energy efficiency
    • Towing option: nested or tandem – Save time and money by towing both units with the same truck
    • Red indicator lamp – Allows the traffic control operator to monitor units in real time from a safe distance
    • Combo units option: flagger-mac & flagger-mac lite – Ideal for fast moving flagging operations and makes storage easy
    • Break-away gate mechanism in case of impact
  • AFAD – Automatic Flagger Assistance Device Hitch Mounted – Flagger-Mac Lite

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    Our Flagger-Mac Lite is a hitch-mounted gate that allows a flagger to safely manage work zone traffic.

    • Compact design, robust and safe – Simple mechanism for quick and easy deployment facilitates maintenance and operation
    • Transport – Equipped with a trailer hitch that can also transport a standard Flagger-Mac part of our automated flagger line
    • Robust wireless remote – Control a unit from up to 328 feet (100 m) away
    • Pvc gate – For quick and user-friendly deployment.
    • 12-inch (305 mm) ite traffic lights – Increased visibility both day and night.
    • Simple connection – Connect to the truck’s 7-pin light socket.