Blinking LED Signs

  • Blinking LED Stop Sign

    Blinking LED Stop Sign are properly known as LED-embedded static traffic signs (LETS) on Canadian roads. The conspicuity of a static traffic sign can be increased by embedding light emitting diodes (LEDs) on the sign face.

  • LED Maximum Speed Limit Sign

    LED Speed Limit Sign can be used in problem areas to take an extra step to make signs more visible to drivers. Our Flashing Speed Limit signs have LED’s built in to the face of the sign and flash 24 hours a day, greatly increasing the noticeability of the sign. You can customize the speed limit on the sign for use in your area.

  • LED Pedestrian Crossing Sign

    LED Pedestrian Crossing Sign has flashing LED’s (Light Emitting Diode’s) built-in to the sign to make it easier to see in all conditions. The sign stands out from other signs and is great for use in problem areas where a typical sign isn’t being properly observed

  • LED School Zone Sign

    LED School Zone Sign also known as LETS ( LED-embedded static traffic signs) School Zone sign has flashing LED’s built-in to the front of the sign to make it easier to see in all conditions