Traffic Cameras & Sensors

Traffic Cameras & Sensors

  • Ver-Mac Portable Sensor with Vertical Solar Panel – Speed-Mac VP

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    Ver-Mac’s Speed-Mac VP is a patent-pending design that combines the Speed-Mac 2.0 with vertical solar panel.


    • Radar detection: 100-500 ft
    • Internal battery: 6amp/ LiFePO4 lithium battery
    • Autonomy on internal battery: 4 days
    • Autonomy external 33 Ah battery: 35 days
    • Autonomy with 42w solar panel: autonomous in most regions
    • Operation conditions: -30°C to 50° C
  • Ver-Mac Trailer-Mounted Camera – CT-2430

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    The CT-2430 is a portable camera trailer designed to provide height and stability for the deployment of outdoor dynamic video surveillance.


    • PTZ dome network camera
    • Rated for rugged outdoor climate (IP66)
    • Continuous 360 degrees pan
    • Excellent light sensitivity (day & night)
    • HDTV 720p and 21x optical zoom
    • Low cellular fees with Zipstream technology
  • Ver-Mac Trailer-Mounted Microwave Sensor – CT-2020-MW

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    The CT-2020-MW comes with a side-fire microwave sensor that provides bi-directional lane data, perlane volume, speed – 85th percentile, occupancy and classification information in up to 16 user-defined detection zones.


    • 20 FT Sensor Height – Retractable mast for easy transport
    • Fixed Solar Panels – Allows for battery recharging and system autonomy
    • Environmentally friendly – No generator, noise and pollution
    • Compact Design – Deploy in 10 minutes and is easy to tow and store thanks to its removable tongue
    • Wireless Communication* – Remote equipment health monitoring with a high-speed 4G LTE modem*, remote data retrieval and optional text/email alerts using our JamLogic software
  • Ver-Mac Portable Changeable Message Sign with Camera – PCMS with Camera Design

    Ver-Mac offers some of our portable changeable message signs with an integrated telescopic mast design. The telescopic mast allows the camera to reach the required height to provide outdoor dynamic video surveillance.


    • Use one power platform for two solutions
    • View critical work zone “hot spots”
    • View and respond to incidents quicker
    • Manage work site more efficiently
  • Ver-Mac Work Zone Management Camera (Dashcam) – WZMC-1000

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    The WZMC-1000 is a fully-automated cloud-based work zone management camera system that allows contractors and agencies to document their projects.


    • High-definition camera with integrated Wifi and GPS mounted to windshield
    • Camera wired to vehicle battery installs in less than 15 minutes
    • Proximity sensor with voice feedback makes starting and stopping recordings effortless
    • Rugged case with locked cable prevents camera from being disconnected
    • Battery protection circuitry allows the camera battery to be fully charged for video transfer
    • Cigarette plug power option available

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