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  • Ver-Mac Trailer-Mounted Portable Traffic Signals Lights Set (2 units) – TLD-3612 G3: with Advanced Technology

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    Ver-Mac’s TLD-3612 G3 with Advanced Technology is a battery/solar-powered NEMA TS5 compliant portable traffic signal. This tandem tow trailer set features two traffic signal heads on each trailer.

    • Two 12″ configurable LED signal heads
    • Modem, 4G Digi with GPS and 10 year cell plan
    • 8 batteries, 3-85 watt tilt and rotate solar panels, 55 Amp Charger
    • V-Touch NTCIP Graphic Touchscreen Controller
    • On board controller can be primary or secondary
    • Tandem Tow & Hydraulic lift – Complies with Nema TS 5 standards
    • Any unit can be Primary or Secondary Unit – No need to move units around
    • Tilt-and-rotate solar panels – Maximize solar recharging and increase battery life
    • JamLogic software – Fleet management with remote monitoring and programming
    • Adjustable overhead mast – Easy and versatile deployment
    • Highly visible 12 in. (305 mm) LED lamps – Meets MUTCD standards
    • Radio communication – Secure communication between system units
    • Malfunction management system – Monitors radio communication, conflict monitoring, signal malfunction and low voltages
    • Maximum distance between units – Up to 1 mile (1.6 km) line of sight
    • Ability to control multiple units – Adapts to different project applications

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