RadarSign Effectiveness

RadarSign Effectiveness

How effective are radar speed signs? RadarSign effectiveness are a proven traffic calming solution to raise the speed awareness of oncoming drivers. Studies repeatedly show that when alerted by a radar sign, speeders WILL slow down up to 80% of the time. Typical average speed reductions are 10-20%, and overall compliance with the posted speed limit will increase by 30-60%.


Decline in Average Speeds

After 21 months of operation, the radar speed sign continues to be effective in reducing the average speeds in a 25MPH neighborhood cut-through street.

radar sign







Average Vehicle Speeds: By MPH Segments

Shift of Peak Speeds to Lower Speeds

Six months of operation of a radar speed sign on a neighborhood cut through street demonstrates the effectiveness of the sign in lowering peak speeds to lower speeds.

Peak Speed Shifts: By MPH Segments









Speed Limit Compliance At Plant Entrance

1.5 years of radar speed sign operation at a plant entrance shows 55% more vehicles obeying posted speed limit (PSL).

Radar Sign Reduces Speeding At Plant By 55%!


Long Term Reduction In Speeding Drivers

2 years of radar sign operation on a 40 MPH arterial street shows consistent, long-term reduction of speed.

Percent of Vehicles Speeding

Long Term Reduction In Average Speeds

2 years of radar sign operation on a 40 MPH arterial street shows average speeds maintain drop of 3.5 MPH.

Weekly Average Speeds









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