Rentable Traffic Lights Available in BC, AB, SK

Rentable Traffic Lights Available in BC, AB, SK

Hi Signs offers Ver-Mac temporary traffic light rentals to help manage traffic flow during construction projects and roadworks. Rental services include portable traffic signals that are designed to meet current safety standards and comply with the Alberta Motor Vehicle Act.

The company’s rental service provides temporary solutions for managing roads with multiple lanes of traffic or areas with high volumes of pedestrians such as intersections, roundabouts, parking lots, and pathways. The portable signals provide a safer environment for all users by controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians. The temporary lights are reliable and safe alternatives to manual control when managing different types of road networks.

Rent Ver-Mac Temporary Traffic Lights from Hi Signs who has decades of experience providing rental services for both private and public sectors across all sorts of projects across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, Canada. Whether you’re working on a road or bridge project, we have everything you need to meet all Canadian transportation regulations and standards.

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