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Hi Signs - Canoe Approved Supplier

Hi Signs is proud to partner with Canoe Procurement Group of Canada to provide cooperative purchasing that streamlines the procurement process while satisfying all legal purchasing requirements. Quickly process the traffic product orders you need!

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Canoe Procurement Approved Supplier
Contract: CAN-2021-009-TFG

Leverage the Buying Power of the Canadian Public Sector

Canoe Procurement is one of the largest cooperative purchasing groups in Canada that helps municipal, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations streamline the process of purchasing products and services, while saving time in the RFP process.

Canoe has already done the supplier vetting process on your behalf! By combining forces under the Canoe Procurement Group, you can easily purchase goods and services, and free up staff time.

  • Competitive bid process for suppliers saves time doing your own RFP or tender


  • Fully compliant with legal trade agreements


  • Canada-wide purchasing power for better prices


  • Continue to work with us for service and support


  • 3 bid quote requirements no longer needed


  • Purchasing thresholds no longer restrained


  • Use with any products on and

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