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Solar-Tech Message Board Alternatives

Ver-Mac message boards stand out as the top choice when compared to competitive products. Their exceptional quality is evident in the high-quality LED displays that ensure clear and vibrant messages, even from a distance. The communication capabilities using Ver-Mac JamLogic Software allows for remote message updates, streamlining operations and reducing manual intervention. Ver-Mac’s dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technology beats that of its competitors, giving it a distinct advantage. Additionally, the unit’s durability and reliability make them a dependable [...]


Ver-Mac Traffic Equipment in Canada | Hi Signs

Hi Signs is as an approved distributor of Ver-Mac products across Canada, offering a wide range of top-quality traffic equipment and control solutions. Purchase and Rental options are available. Let’s explore the Ver-Mac products available through TrafficSupply.ca and discover how they can enhance road safety and traffic management. Ver-Mac Message Boards Ver-Mac Message Boards’ main focus is to communicate important information to drivers and pedestrians. They can be programmed using JamLogic software to display text, symbols, and other graphics. Provide traffic [...]


Extend the life of your Solar Ver-Mac Message Board batteries in Winter

Here are some reminders for your to help extend the life of your message board batteries during winter. Here are 3 things you should verify: Ensure that your solar panels are set at a 45-degree angle so snow can slide off easier, exposing the panels to the sun. Face your solar panels South for the best sun exposure. Clean your solar panels so it picks up the most amount of solar energy Message BoardsMessage Boards | Portable Changeable Message Signs (PCMS) Ver-Mac Message Boards, [...]


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