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  • Ver-Mac Trolley-Mounted Portable Traffic Signals Lights – TLD-1312

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    Ver-Mac’s TLD-1312 is a portable traffic signal trolley set with a traffic signal head on both trolleys. Battery-powered, they come with 12 in. (305 mm) LED lamps.

    • V-Touch TLD Controller – Intuitive icons for quick and easy programming and sequensing
    • V-SWAP system – Allows to remove and charge batteries without having to stop the signal on an active job
    • Radio communication – Secure communication between system units
    • Maximum distance between units – Up to 1 mile (1.6 km) line of sight
    • Malfunction management system – Monitors radio communication, conflicts, signal malfunction and low voltage
    • Ability to control multiple units – Versatile and adapts to different project applications
    • Telescopic mast – For quick, easy and effortless deployment
    • Environmentally friendly – No generator noise or pollution
    • Multiple options available – Traffic detection, emergency preemption and manual flagger to enhance traffic control management

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