Ver-Mac Traffic Equipment in Canada | Hi Signs

Ver-Mac Traffic Equipment in Canada | Hi Signs

Hi Signs is as an approved distributor of Ver-Mac products across Canada, offering a wide range of top-quality traffic equipment and control solutions. Purchase and Rental options are available.

Let’s explore the Ver-Mac products available through and discover how they can enhance road safety and traffic management.

Ver-Mac Message Boards

Ver-Mac Message Boards’ main focus is to communicate important information to drivers and pedestrians. They can be programmed using JamLogic software to display text, symbols, and other graphics. Provide traffic directions and announce road closures, offer realtime updates and emergency alerts. Ver-Mac Message Boards provide reliable solutions for motorist communication.

Message Boards are perfect for Highway Construction, Smart Work Zones, and Special Events.

Ver-Mac Arrow Boards

Directing traffic and ensuring the safety of motorists is possible with Ver-Mac Arrow Boards from Hi Signs. These boards feature extremely bright LEDs installed in arrow formations, providing clear directional guidance to drivers and pedestrians.  You can easily guide drivers through detours, advertise lane closures, or redirect traffic during construction projects.

Ver-Mac Radar Speed Trailers

Speeding has always been an issue on roads and highways, especially in work zones. Ver-Mac Radar Speed Trailers act as speed deterrents by brightly alerting motorists of their speed with a message telling them to slow down. Radar technology has these trailers measuring vehicle speeds and displays them in real-time, raising awareness and promoting safer driving habits.

Ver-Mac Automatic Flaggers (AFADs)

The safety of road workers and motorists is the absolutely priority during any construction projects. Ver-Mac Automatic Flaggers (AFADs) provide a safe solution by removing your manual flaggers from the road (the human element) and replacing it with an AFAD.  They help control the traffic flow through an easy to use remote system, reducing the need for manual flaggers and minimizing potential risks.

AFADs are essential for construction zones.

Ver-Mac Portable Traffic Lights

Ver-Mac Portable Traffic Lights are a top choice for managing traffic at an intersection. These lights help create smooth and organized traffic during road construction, temporary closures, or events. Bright LED lamps can be seen for large distances.

Ver-Mac Portable Traffic Lights are designed to help you control traffic by clear signals to drivers to help increase safety in your work zones.  Portable design and easy setup!

Accessories and Parts

As an approved Ver-Mac distributor, Hi Signs also offers all accessories and parts for Ver-Mac Equipment. It’s a great idea to keep spare part on hand, or when you need replacement parts, batteries, mounting brackets, or after-purchase optional add-ons, we are here to help. We ensure you have everything you need to keep your Ver-Mac equipment running smoothly.

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