Most Important Traffic Signs in Alberta

important alberta traffic sign for knowledge

Most Important Traffic Signs in Alberta

Are you looking forward to Alberta road test? Or are you into important Traffic Signs in Alberta? If so, this article is for you! 310 Sign Inc. is specialized and dedicated to manufacturing of standard Alberta Road Traffic Signs. Our products counter keeps increasing always.

Those looking for Class 7 Road Test, having knowledge about following traffic signs will be really helpful :


A Stop Sign is standard sign for traffic rules and control to make sure that driver stops and proceed. You need to stop at stop line which is marked before crosswalk wherever stop signs are in effect.

Stop sign is standard red colored sign with octagonal shape. Following image show standard stop sign used in Alberta.important traffic signs stop sign traffic supply 310 sign

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To learn more about rules preceding Stop Sign please visit this AMA article.


Traffic Signals Ahead Traffic Sign

This sign one of the very important traffic signs when preceding any Traffic Signal intersection.

It give you an idea that there is traffic signal ahead and that you need to be prepared to stop.important traffic signs alberta traffic signal sign by

310 Sign Inc. carry Traffic Signals Ahead in three variant sizes 60x60cm, 90x90cm & 120x120cm and reflective sheeting used is Fluorescent to give highest visibility.

Traffic Signals Ahead signs are Diagonal in shape.  Following image give you idea of Traffic Signals Ahead sign in Alberta. This signs is one of the popular warning signs in Alberta.

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School Ahead Traffic Sign

This is very important sign in Urban area where there are Schools. It prevent drivers to drive fast be under 30km in particular time zones in effect. School Ahead signs give drivers advance warning of an upcoming school so they can slow down and watch for children crossing road.

School Ahead Traffic Signs are one of the popular Warning Signs in Alberta.

School Ahead Traffic Signs are Pentagonal in Shape.important traffic signs WC-1 school ahead traffic sign alberta

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If you are looking for all signs related to SCHOOL ZONE please click here.


Playground Ahead Traffic Sign

Playground Zone Ahead Traffic Sign is as important sign as School Zones Traffic Signs.

When you see a playground sign with a maximum speed sign mentioned, you are entering a playground zone. You must not exceed the mentioned speed, when the zone timing is in effect.

Playground restrictions are in effect every day from 8:30 a.m. to one hour after sunset. Following image give you idea of how this particular sign looks.important traffic signs Alberta Playground Ahead Traffic SignCheckout our Playground Ahead Traffic Sign.


Yield Traffic Sign

You have probably seen Yield Traffic Sign as they are one of the popular and important traffic signs in effect. When you see Yield Sign in effect, you should approach the intersection and yield to the on-coming traffic. This means watch your traffic oncoming, stop if you need to and then proceed. If there no traffic you can proceed with caution. Following image depicts Yield Traffic Sign.important traffic signs yield traffic sign alberta

We carry Yield Traffic Sign in 2 variant sizes (75x75cm & 105×120). All of our sign are made with Fluorescent Sheeting material to give highest level of reflectivity. Up to 10X brighter than Engineer-Grade Prismatic.

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There are many other signs to mention but above traffic signs are most popular according to our knowledge. To explore more about all Traffic Sign product in Alberta please click here. We have more than 700 products in our Traffic Sign Catalogue. If you are buyer looking for particular sign please us a call on 1 (844) 289 7446 or send us an inquiry on

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